Impact Network

Our partnership with Positive Luxury is just one of the examples of our long-term mission.

Since 2011 Positive Luxury has been helping organisations adapt to the new climate economy. Positive Luxury’s mission is to shape a sustainable future for luxury. We power the Butterfly Mark, the only assessment and certification programme designed specifically for the luxury industry.
We created ESG+,a proprietary sustainability assessment for the luxury industry with a unique focus on innovation. Organisations that meet our the necessary high standards receive The Butterfly Mark certification, a globally respected trust mark that is evidence of their positive impact on nature and society.

Butterfly Mark certification is an independent trust mark awarded to luxury brands, retailers, and suppliers that evidences genuine commitment to making a positive impact on nature and society. Our trust mark is tangible, independent evidence to consumers and other stakeholders that a luxury business is operating in line with the highest standards of sustainability across the entire value chain.
Our proprietary assessment framework is the only one designed for the specific practices and materials risks of the luxury industry, systemic in approach but tailored for each client.


Comprehensive risk management
Tailored to business model, vertical, size and geography
Briefings to keep ahead of increasing legislation
Comprehensive suite of actionable reports and resources
Dedicated account management and partner marketing support

Reporting that examines risk, return and impact
Tools and measures to build trust through transparency
Skills to prevent greenwashing accusations
Capability to deliver innovation through sustainability
Increased employee capabilities, pride, and retention

Trust through tangible transparency
Brand engagement through storytelling
Positive impact through educated purchases
Visibility of impact targets and progress
Education on sustainability practice and impact