Sonrisas de Bombay

GoTo iKoncierge is not only a Luxury Concierge Service but also a “Go-between” concierge connecting luxuries companies and charities projects.

We care about supporting causes and want to make a difference by matching luxuries companies with needs of NGO´s.

“Sonsrisas de Bombay” is one of the NGO we would like to support, founded in 2005 by a Spanish journalist and writer, Jaume Sanllorente, “Bombay Smile” works in Mumbai developping projects to support women victims of human trafficking, street children and people living in Slum areas who cannot cover their basic needs. So far, more than 10,000 people have been beneficiaries of these programs.

You can make a donation towards any of our projects. by clicking on the link below.

Your donation will mean education, nutrition and life to a struggling family: