The demand for luxury services and goods is rising for some years now and this has led to changes in biodiversity and impact on the environment. Therefore, it is high time that Luxury services embrace new standards of labour and environment. Luxury Concierge Service “Goto-iKoncierge” is all about satisfying individual needs whilst striving to protect our planet in every way possible by making smarter consumer decisions and genuinely implementing environmentally friendly support.
Sustainability is at the very heart of our business; we provide services – whether it be hotels, restaurants, wineries, brands – that have a positive environmental impact and are adapted to the new climate economy. Goto-iKoncierge offers individual Lifestyle Memberships and Corporate Concierge: being a member gives you access to just about any lifestyle-related service you can imagine combined with luxury and sustainability.

Honesty, dependability, reliability
• Our suppliers’ practices go through a vigorous investigation, and we clearly communicate to them that ethical and environmental aspects matter to our business.
• We strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Consequently, we only form alliances with companies and institutions that share our sustainable vision. And it starts in our own backyard: our internal operations are completely virtual.
• We propose activities that generate a positive impact, such as restaurants that consume local products included in the “Green Michelin guide”, ecological production wineries, sustainable management hotels, solidarity projects, etc. In this way, we contribute to a fairer distribution of resources and the generation of socio-economic benefits in the community.