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Why GoTo iKoncierge?

We offer high luxury concierge services to professional athletes, celebrities, executive and other individuals interested in living life to its fullest and live a unique experience.


Listening to the needs and preferences of our clients is an important trait of GoTo iKoncierge; we are dedicated to one target: the entire satisfaction of our clients. We use our passion, expertise and our knowledge in the luxury concierge industry to activate our network in luxury travel and lifestyle to deliver the best experience each day.

GoTo iKoncierge explores every possible option until the perfect experience has turned-up and demonstrate our professionalism through our behaviors, competence and knowledge.

We take the utmost care in respecting and maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of our clients.

Our Services

Go-to iKoncierge´s service dedication is unparalleled and extremely client-focused.

Our core values

We are steadfastly focused on quality, service, results, and excellence.


We are committed to supplying a clear and accurate quote whenever a formal application for our services is made. The transparency offered by GoTo iKoncierge guarantees a high quality and trustworthy service.


We handpick the best experience for you, providing, innovating and customize solutions for all your lifestyle and business oriented needs. GoTo iKoncierge has a duty to respond to all and any requirements, provided that these are morally, legally and humanely acceptable.


GoTo iKoncierge is at your disposal and undertake to deal with all requests received as soon as possible, in the process providing the most appropriate and relevant solutions for your needs.

Our offers

GoTo iKoncierge offers a large range of world-class services especially tailored to suit clients’ needs and requirements.


  • Available 24h

  • Unlimited requests

  • Valid for the holder and 1 person of his/her choice

  • Customized to meet your specific needs

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  • Available 24/7

  • Unlimited requests

  • For company directors and employees

  • 1 year Membership

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  • Available 24/7

  • Designed for Elite Athletes

  • Unlimited request

  • Customized to meet your specific needs

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What Clients Say

Why our customers love us

Exclusive Experiences

Privatize the Louvre museum

Looking for a magic experience to visit one of the most famous museum in the world: GoTo iKoncierge has arranged a private visit during the closure of the museum to make the experience unique and unforgettable.

Private "gourmet" picnic on the river Seine

GoTo Ikoncierge has organized a gourmet picnic on a private boat for a magic cruise on the river Seine in order to discover Paris and its prestigious monuments, not forgetting the Eiffel tower sparkling its thousand lights.

«Last minute » booking in a Michelin 3-star restaurant

GoTo iKoncierge managed to get a table in one of the most famous Michelin 3-star restaurant just a couple of hour before your dinner time.

Special gift:

GoTo iKoncierge managed to customize a luxury hotel room with 100 roses in 100 different vases for a Russian customer who wanted to surprise his fiancée with a special attention.

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